John and Karen welcome you to our website. We are both quite new to writing books and only began in 2015. We enjoyed the experience so much that we continued and have now published ten books of differing genres to begin to discover our 'niche'.

We wrote our first few books together, before recognising that we both preferred different genres, Karen choosing Romantic fiction and John choosing Thrillers.

Below are details of our books that are all available either on Amazon books or 'e' books on Kindle.


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Why would ‘Constance’ travel between the exotic ‘powerhouse’ of the ancient Assyrian and Roman Empires, only to finally journey to the wild, inhospitable and barbaric lands of Northumberland?
This is a story based on Geoffrey Chaucer’s Man of Law’s Tale from The Canterbury Tales and tells of the travels of ‘Constance’. The question is, what secret was Chaucer trying to tell in this unlikely journey and where ‘Constance’, suggested as being one of the most recognised biblical artefacts, continues to be hidden to this day. The book also reveals that to conceal this and other secrets disguised in his historical Tales, Chaucer was murdered.
GEOFFREY is a work of fiction, but entirely based on true facts and history. It is written to be in keeping with the time and style of Chaucer, this results in many elements that are war mongering, violent, anti-Semitic, bawdy, rude, lewd and much of the humour is quite dark. I don’t apologise for this, as it is a true historic and cultural reflection of events and beliefs of that era. Unfortunately, as shocking as some of these happenings are, it will perhaps make the reader question how little, in many ways, things have changed!

This is a fascinating, surprising and page turning read.






A group of university students hold a Book Club once a month, essentially as another excuse to eat takeaway food and drink copious amounts of booze on a Friday night. 

The latest ‘Book of the Month’ is titled ‘Geoffrey’ and they are highly critical as it failed to exploit the powerful relics highlighted in the book, a missed opportunity in their opinion. One of the students suggests that since they have all become such expert literary critics, they should each write a short story to show how these relics could have been used in a more exciting and dramatic way. In the drunken discussion that follows, some simple rules are agreed; the most important being that each story should include the murder of one of their friends!

When the stories are told, tensions begin to develop and ultimately one of the students is murdered in a way that had been written and predicted in one of the student’s stories.

The book is filled with great story telling, fascinating and intriguing content, all with an undercurrent of malice!







Philip Chambers is a normal man with a normal job, living a normal life in a normal house. He has a normal wife, two normal children and three normal grandchildren. His life is perfect, or so it appears.

Philip however, is not as normal as everyone thinks he is and the book title ‘HOW TO KILL YOUR WIFE’ says it all. Or does it?

This is a most unusual psychological thriller that will have the reader turning pages, wondering how much worse things could get and what could possibly happen next.












 A simple mistake is all it takes to finally end Philip Chamber’s campaign of revenge that has made him a prolific serial killer.
A Simple Mistake’ is the conclusion of the drama that began with Philip’s efforts in ‘How to Kill Your Wife’ where he planned to murder his wife Jennifer, because he discovers she has deceived him for years.
In this latest book, Philip has found a new love; a vibrant woman called Caroline who has recently mourned the death of her husband and mother. He becomes torn between his ‘mission’ of revenge against those he holds responsible for the ultimate death of his wife Jennifer, and the risk of losing Caroline if he continues and is caught.
Philip has always been most particular and careful, never leaving any evidence at any of the scenes, which has left very little for the lead Investigator, DCI Stewart Hunt to follow, other than a few clues that are deliberately left, and the DCI’s career appears to be finished.
Readers have commented that both ‘How to Kill Your Wife’ and ‘A Simple Mistake’ are “compelling and exciting reads,” and all agree “the ending was an unexpected surprise.”










Adam Coulson is the eldest of four brothers, his high profile and fast life in the city, working as a top financial advisor, is no longer rewarding and he realises he needs a change; a new challenge. His boss believes he is simply suffering from ‘Burn Out’ and suggests a year’s sabbatical to clear his head. Adam travels to India and trains to be a yoga teacher, returning rejuvenated and ready to live a more meaningful life, far away from the trappings of London. 

He ventures to a remote part of Northumberland and meets a woman who turns his bachelor world upside down, making him question what he truly wants; and it’s not what he is expecting!

Enter ‘stage right’ the grieving, beautiful widow Claire who has given up on love and life. Is Adam the man who can heal her broken heart and is she the one who can make him finally settle down, even though she thinks she is too old for him? But life has a funny way of showing us options we never imagined possible.  The book is full of fun with delicious twists and turns but remains reassuringly true to all romance readers’ hearts.

This is book one of a trilogy involving the ruggedly handsome Coulson boys; they have the capacity to make women’s hormones ‘scream’ with just one look. 









The Coulson brothers continue to search for love, not necessarily in the right places and find themselves once again in trouble in this the second book of the trilogy.

Daniel still isn’t sure what he wants to do, until unexpected opportunities come his way. Is he ready to radically change his life for the love of a woman?

There are menacing forces trying to stop him, his journey has many ups and downs. This is the second book in the trilogy of ‘The Coulson Boys’ and things are about to get messy!












This is the final book in the trilogy “The Coulson Boys”. 


Harry is considering joining Adam and Daniel on the remote Isle of Skye. There are also two women who are tempting him to make the move; one of them is about to stab him in the heart, the other is about to capture his heart.

This book draws together the bond that brothers have with the lure of the Scottish Isles and its hidden dangers which are a recipe for blood, tears and spell binding ‘happy ever after’ love.








Isabella Forster is a happy child living an idyllic life with her Great Grandmother Edith and her mother Bethany in the beautiful little village of Bamburgh on the North East coast of Northumberland. At the age of 12 she is diagnosed with a brain tumour; she and her mother must leave Bamburgh for the grey streets of Newcastle to begin Isabella’s lifesaving treatment. After her recovery, the next six years returned to ‘normal’, but just as she was about to start at University her mother mysteriously disappears, leaving Isabella alone with no one other than her Great Granny Edith.

A few years later Isabella finds out that her mother is alive, trapped in the year 1333, accused of being a witch and sentenced to burn at the stake. Bethany reaches out through the mists of time to her daughter asking her to cross the divide and save her.

Edith knows the threat is serious and that Isabella cannot do it alone and hires a handsome ex SAS soldier to be her bodyguard, Richard Watson, who is fighting demons of his own from his army days in Afghanistan. Can he be persuaded to believe that there is such a thing as time travel and help the feisty Isabella defend the Gateway and travel back in time to stop those who would seize power for their own greedy ambitions and change the future.

Isabella was unaware that she came from a long line of Guardians; protectors of an ancient Gateway which allows travel between future and past times. Edith knew that one day she needed to be told, the truth had to come out, keeping secrets was never a good idea, and her family had a cellar full.

As the new Guardian, Isabella and her bodyguard are given magical rings to help defend and protect the past from the secrets of the future; time is running out to save and preserve the equilibrium of both worlds from evil and those who would abuse the Gateway. It is Isabella’s destiny to take over the role as the Guardian and she must travel to 14th century Bamburgh with Richard, their mission is to stop those who would destroy the delicate timeline and seal the Gateway forever.


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Joan and Brian have been married for almost 40 years and consider themselves to be very ordinary, steady, down to earth, sensible people who have worked all their adult lives, saving money where they could, but always contributing towards their pension so they could be certain of a comfortable and secure old age.

As they approached their retirement age, they began to consider the options of selecting a pension provider but were overwhelmed and confused by the volume of information and quotations presented to them.

The solution appeared when a smart, professional young man arrived at their door and introduced himself as an executive of an international, privately operated investment fund, and presented them with an exciting pension proposal that would not only generate tremendous income returns, but certainty that both the income and capital would be protected with a ‘cast iron’, inflation proof return, supported by an insurance backed guarantee. It seemed like divine intervention and the answer to their pension needs and much, much more.

As their retirement date approached, they contacted the company to arrange for the pension payments to commence. They heard nothing. After months of futile efforts to locate where our investments had gone, they realised they’d been duped, and nobody could help them. With what little money they had left they recognised it was no longer possible to maintain their current lifestyle for more than a few months.

After much thought they decided their choices were limited to: -

1). Surviving on the meagre State Pension.

2). Continue working.

3). Commit suicide.

4). Create income through other means: -

Legal: -

a). Put all remaining money either as a bet on a horse or buying lottery tickets.

b). Start a business.

Illegal: -

a). Theft.

b). Making/Selling illegal substances.

c) Fraud 

d). Blackmail.

d). Kidnap and ransom.

e). Assassination services.

f). Specialist services.

Brian and Joan don’t like any of the options, but as necessity pushes them to make decisions, the high-risk choices they make ultimately creates fear, stress, adventure, fun and ….? Enjoy the story.






Our story of Oswald is based on recorded historical events, dates, people and the probabilities and possibilities that surround them - all supported by a hefty dose of guesswork and imagination! It was inspirited by recent archaeological discoveries and the dedicated hard work and patience of the people who have created the stories and exhibitions for us all to enjoy in Bamburgh today.
It began in 1998 when a team from the Bamburgh Research Project commenced the painstaking excavation in the sand dunes beneath Bamburgh Castle. One particular area known as ‘The Bowl Hole’ revealed an Anglo-Saxon burial ground from the 7th century to early 9th century AD when Bamburgh was at the peak of its importance in Northumbria and beyond. At this time the region was a cosmopolitan centre with people flocking from all parts of Britain, Europe and North Africa. King Oswald had made it his priority not only to bring wealth to his kingdom, but Christianity to his people and with the help of a little known Irish monk called Aidan, they brought a brief and welcome stability to the north.
It is incredibly fitting and moving that the final resting place for the Bowl Hole skeletons is in the crypt of St. Aidan’s church in Bamburgh. It is tantalising to think that some of these people could have actually heard St. Aidan preach on the same site as we know St. Aidan founded his church in 635AD”
Today it is possible to visit the crypt and view a projection and interactive display briefly describing the story of Bamburgh, and the people who once lived there 1,400 years ago.
We have tried to capture what it might have been like to live and die in the time of King Oswald and St. Aidan, by breathing life into them, telling stories of a time known as the ’Dark Ages’ when magic Paganism and Christianity all converged, creating a tantalising web of mystery and mayhem. This is our story, a version of historical facts carefully interwoven with credible fiction; we hope it makes an interesting read.




 The Delayed 16.20 Train to Newcastle.

Written on behalf of LEE KERSHAW.

My name is Lee Kershaw and when I say “I am lucky to be alive” I really mean it. I have created this story, The Delayed 16.20 Train to Newcastle to illustrate some of my memories and experiences; the difficulties that drove me to my declining health, the extreme delirium I experienced whilst in a coma, the trauma of having limbs amputated and the slow and difficult road to recovery – if anybody ever does fully recover! I hope the story highlights the incredible care given by all the staff of the NHS, the importance of being supported by family and friends and most of all the love of my wife Vici and my son Samuel. 

My life has changed in every way. I was a self-employed electrician based in Northumberland with a busy working life, until just before Christmas in 2012, when a minor injury and a sore throat infection worsened, and I began to struggle to even breathe. I was rushed to Wansbeck General Hospital where within 30 minutes of being admitted I had gone into a coma. I was taken into intensive care, diagnosed with Group A Streptococcal Septicaemia (Sepsis), which led to multiple organ failure, toxic shock and later, pneumonia. In the days that followed, I was only being kept alive (apparently) by lots of specialist medical equipment. At the time my wife was told that I only had a five to 10 per cent chance of survival. But the doctors and nurses never gave up and did everything they could at exactly the right time and kept me alive. I was in a coma for almost three weeks and when I came out of it, I had vascular damage to my arms and legs. I have managed to recover the use of my arms and hands – although not 100 per cent. I still can’t properly feel a pen in my hands. But my feet were too far gone and as a result the surgeons had to amputate my left leg below the knee and remove part of my right foot.

When I was released from hospital, I had to face the reality of my disability. A few months later I was fitted with a prosthetic leg and began to learn how to walk on my artificial limb and balance on my remodelled right foot. I learnt how to walk again, a very very painful experience and one that still presents considerable difficulties. Facing up to being instantly disabled is massively challenging both mentally and physically and knowing that I might not be able to provide for my family was very worrying, but I was determined not to let it get the better of me.

I couldn’t continue my trade as an Electrician and surprised both myself and all those around me by becoming a self-taught professional photographer, sculpture and artist. The art inside me grew naturally and I was soon fulfilling my newfound dreams, particularly the Sculptures which I create using local driftwood, stone and other materials, often finishing with pyrography work. Every day continues to be a challenge but, with the support, encouragement and love given by my family, friends and health professionals over the years, overcoming these challenges have brought me great pleasure and joy.







This is a self help/inspirational book that we hope readers will appreciate. It’s not about God, saints, angels, ascended masters or any other magnificent beings. This is about you and how you make your life choices and how the influences around you shape and meld these choices, whether you like it or not. 

We will not dwell too long on your upbringing, education, religious beliefs, but they do need to be considered and the influences they exert over how you think and your personal life. We will focus very much on who you were, who you are now and who you want to be. The mission is to illustrate your uniqueness and how you can use that to gain the confidence through knowledge and experience to improve your life.

Life is a very serious subject filled with many emotions. Changing your life is therefore a very difficult, emotive and challenging task that warrants a great deal of consideration and effort. Despite this, people often use the phrase "I’m going to change my life" in a flippant, thoughtless way, usually when they decide they are going to diet, stop drinking, go on a personal development course or yoga retreat. All fine things to do, but they will not ‘change your life’.

We have tried to deal with this subject with the gravity it deserves, but in a light-hearted way, to illustrate the complexity of the subject and the effort actually required to live your life and to change it, hopefully for the better.

We have also tried to stretch and stimulate your mind into thinking beyond your rigid ‘training’.



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